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27,000 acres of farmland in seven provinces
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Agria Corporation is an innovative China-based agri-solutions provider focusing on research and development, production and distribution of three different types of upstream agricultural products. Its diversified portfolio of products comprises corn seeds, sheep breeding and seedlings, including proprietary products developed through its own research and development capability. The company has access to approximately 27,000 acres of farmland in seven provinces and its extensive distribution network provides direct or third party distribution in 14 provinces. Agria Corporation was founded in 2004 and is based in Beijing,China.

Agria Corporation (or “Agria”, “the company”) is a fast growing China-based agri-solutions provider focusing on R&D, production and sale of upstream agricultural products. These include high margin products such as corn seeds, sheep breeding products and seedlings. With strong R&D capabilities, Agria has developed a diversified portfolio of commercially successful and proprietary products that are suited to a different climate zones. Established in 2007, Agria is based in Beijing with production bases in Shanxi and other provinces. Agria is listed on the New York Stock Exchange ticker: GRO.

We believe that our future success depends on our ability to provide high quality, advanced products to our customers; we thus put strong emphasis on research and development to continuously strive for derive new competitive varieties/breeds in both existing and new product categories.

We conduct research and development through both our in-house research and development team and in cooperation with various universities and research institutions to establish a first class R&D platform and an innovative product pipeline. We proudly staff an R&D team comprised of outstanding outstanding academics, research professionals, and experts specializing in agricultural biotechnology, livestock husbandry and forestry fields.

We welcome more collaborations with research and academic institutions across the globe to develop more agricultural products and create values for farmers.
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