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Shengtai Pharmaceutical, Inc., founded in 1999, based in Weifang, Shandong, China, through its indirect wholly owned subsidiary, Weifang Shengtai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., engages in the manufacture and supply of pharmaceutical grade glucose for medical purposes in China. Its pharmaceutical and medical grade products include dextrose monohydrate transfusion, dextrose monohydrate oral, and dextrose anhydrous, as well as cornstarch, dextrin, and polypropylene resin II, III, and IV. The company also offers multivitamin glucose, glucose base solution, and pharmaceutical grade starch for the pharmaceutical and hospital markets. In addition, it manufactures glucose and starch products, which include industrial glucose, syrup, starch, avermectins, dextrin, avermectins ointment, avermectins refinement, maltose, and maltitol for the food and beverage, and processing industries. Shengtai’s customers include hospitals, health care institutions, medical supply companies, physician offices, pharmaceutical companies, medical supply exporters, and food and beverage companies.

3Q01Q09 (9/30/08) sales equaled $18 million, a 6% decrease yoy. Sales of glucose products totaled $8 million, accounting for 45% of sales. SGTI earned $0.63 million of net income, or 0.03 per diluted share. SGTI is seeking to further develop its international sales.

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